5. May, 2022

Our tips for the best possible wedding

We have already experienced a lot of stuff at weddings. What tips can we help you with ...
5. May, 2022

How to choose a cameraman for a wedding?

Every provider is different. We know because we’ve been on stage for a while now and we know a lot of cameramen. We also saved some weddings where some cameramen canceled, that doesn’t happen with us! So how do you find and choose the right film crew?
2. May, 2022

Chronological recording of the wedding or a documentary style

A chronological wedding video shows your wedding day in the order in which the events followed each other on the day itself.
2. July, 2021

Why two cameramen?

Price is an important and sometimes decisive factor. Since the price of packages also depends on the number of cameramen, you can read the benefits of this in this article.
24. April, 2021

Wedding recording in 4K

In this article, we quickly explain the terms and say why it is good to choose 4K resolution and why the price is therefore higher.
4. January, 2021

Wedding on dvd, blu-ray or usb? Which medium to choose?

What to choose? The highest quality media, high-capacity media or media that can be played almost anywhere?