Najlepši dan is the name under which the team of cameramen led by Andraž Poje (Dante produkcija, Andraž Poje s.p.) and Zvonka Poje (hereinafter referred to as the Najlepši dan or cameraman) works. Najlepši dan is working with a team of cameramen who act as co-cameramen of the team leader (Andraž and Zvonka) on the wedding day and make up the team for a longer period of time. The technical knowledge of the co-filmmakers is equivalent to the knowledge of the team leaders.

All content published on the website, including videos, is the property of Najlepši dan and is copyrighted, unless otherwise stated. The appropriation of these works without the written permission of the authors is prohibited.

The client is a natural or legal person who orders a service from the cameramen offer.


By ordering and booking the recording service, the client undertakes to be aware of the performance, price, deadline, date and method of payment, which confirms that he agrees with the general conditions. The prices of services are published in the price list or offer, which the client receives upon request and is sent via e-mail.

The client must provide Najlepši dan with accurate information about the scope, time of the recording, the location of the recording and his wishes. He is obliged to fill in a wedding questionnaire which contains all the necessary information that the cameramen need to carry out the recording. Najlepši dan written information and wishes (if feasible) is taken into account on the wedding day. The questionnaire can be adjusted and supplemented at any time before the wedding. Complaints about silent moments that were not recorded on the questionnaire are not considered after the wedding day.

The client takes care of the hospitality of the cameraman if the recording is the same or longer than 5 hours. In the event that the cameraman are not catered for, the client is obliged to inform them in advance in any way, and the cameraman is given 90 minutes during the wedding reception to be able to provide a meal himself.
If the recording is equal to or longer than 10 hours, the recorders are entitled to two agreed breaks – 90 and 30 minutes.
If the recording is longer than or longer than 13 hours, the recorders are entitled to three agreed breaks – 90, 30, 30 minutes.

The client is responsible for his own safety. Najlepši dan is not responsible for injuries that would occur as a result of filming.

Misunderstandings Najlepši dan and the client are resolved amicably. Under no circumstances may the client publicly (through blogs, forums, social networks, etc.) insult, slander, perform or disgrace the Najlepši dan or the cameramen personally. In case of disagreement, Najlepši dan will act in accordance with the legal possibilities. If the resolution of a possible dispute is not reached amicably or there is an insult or slander via the Internet and social networks, the client and Najlepši dan resolve the dispute through the competent court.


Najlepši dan is obliged to compile an offer according to the client’s wishes before signing the contract. Najlepši dan is obliged to arrive at the agreed location of the recording at the agreed time recorded in the wedding questionnaire.

The cameraman will take care of recording the items included in the offer. The duties of the cameraman are to record and monitor the client on his wedding day. Najlepši dan undertakes to try to give advice and help during the recording in good faith, if this is the wish of the client and the cameraman, this will not make it difficult or difficult to record. The cameraman is not a wedding organizer.

Najlepši dan undertakes to perform the service in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions. He will perform the agreed service and deliver the final product within the agreed deadline. The cameraman is responsible for his own safety, and in the case of the use of a drone, also for general safety and work within the CAA provisions.


The client will inform Najlepši dne the exact date, time and place of the recording no later than 5 days before the start of the service.


The client confirms the appointment reservation and the order of services by paying the deposit in the amount of 200 €. Until the payment is made by the client, the date is not reserved, unless otherwise agreed in writing by Najlepši dan and the client. With the payment of the deposit, the client’s reservation is confirmed, the selected recording package is finally booked.

The price of the paid are includes the reservation of the selected recording date. Knowledge, recording time, video editing, videos and media (USB, DVD, ..) are not included in the price. Already paid deposit is deducted from the final amount. The remaining amount of the recording (a total of 100% of the amount) is paid up to 3 days before the recording of the wedding by transfer to the transaction account provided by Najlepši dan. In case of non-payment within the agreed time, Najlepši dan is not obliged to perform the service, the paid deposit is withheld.


If the client cancels the order, Najlepši dan will keep the paid deposit. If the deposit has not been paid, Najlepši dan upon cancellation of the order issues an invoice for the cancellation of the reservation of the recording date in the amount of € 200. If the client cancels the order due to unforeseen unforeseen events (force majeure – death, death in a close family, traffic or other serious accident, pregnancy complications, quarantine order, etc.), the paid deposit will be returned to the client upon presentation of proof. .

In the event of a rescheduling of the recording date, Najlepši dan undertakes to do its best to find and offer a new free recording date.

In the event that the client decides on the date on which Najlepši dan is free, the paid deposit is transferred as a reservation for a new recording date. If the deposit has not been paid, it is paid when booking a new recording date in the amount of € 200.
In the event that the subscriber decides on a date on which Najlepši dan is not free, the paid deposit will be withheld. In the event that Najlepši dan cannot be offered, the deposit is retained. If the deposit has not been paid, Najlepši dan will issue an invoice for the cancellation of the reservation for the recording period in the amount of EUR 200 upon the transfer or cancellation of the order.

The client is responsible for the conduct of its guests / wedding guests. The cameraman will not tolerate verbal or physical violent behavior. Inappropriate guest behavior that interferes with the work of the cameraman will seriously affect the quality of the videos recorded. If the client is unable to control the behavior of their guests or if the behavior of any of their guests harms the cameraman or his equipment, it will result in the early or immediate departure of the cameraman. The Client agrees that in such a case the full payment will still be made.


Najlepši dan after the wedding day is recorded, he chooses the best of all the recorded videos and processes them by computer in the length of the selected package. The finished products are handed over to the client within the agreed deadline. Video in digital form on removable media is available to the client by post, in some cases in person. The video will be received by the client no later than 5 weeks after recording. In case of unforeseen events (force majeure – death, death in the family, serious illness, quarantine, pregnancy or pregnancy complications, etc.) or postponement of marriages of other clients and increased workload due to measures to curb the spread of coronavirus, Najlepši dan reserves the right to video delivery as agreed.

Client receives wedding trailer – short video no later than 5 weeks after the wedding.

If the address given by the client is not correct or the client does not pick up the package, the next sending of the package is made against payment of € 30.

Najlepši dan will, to the best of its ability, meet the expectations of the client and take into account the wishes of the recording. Because each clip of the video is the fruit of one’s own knowledge and current creativity, Najlepši dan does not allow complaints in the way it was recorded. The editing of videos is also the subject of artistic inspiration of the cameramen. Raw video (footage directly from the camera) can be purchased.
Najlepši dan is committed to a longer video length of the selected package or. as may otherwise have been agreed. The number of minutes of the final video varies according to no. cameramen, no. ceremonies, the variety of weddings, weather conditions and other conditions on the wedding day itself.

All video materials are and remain the property of the cameraman as copyrighted and intellectual property. The cameraman grants a part of the material copyright to the subscriber upon payment of the service, namely the right to reproduce videos for non-commercial use. The cameraman reserves the right to publish a short video trailer for marketing and reference purposes. Najlepši dan may publicly publish a short video trailer for promotional purposes on its website and online networks, its own publications and third party sites intended for promotion, unless the client allows it and notifies Najlepši dan in writing. It is possible to purchase the copyright of the cameraman. In the case of video publications, the client must state the author’s names in the form “video: The most beautiful day”. For commercial publication in the media, it is necessary to obtain the permission of Najlepši dan before publication. Sending the video to other wedding service providers (makeup providers, florists, wedding organizers, wedding blogs, etc.) is allowed with the appropriate indication. Forwarding video to other cameramen is prohibited.


The client undertakes to obtain permission from each person present at the wedding to be filmed. In the event that someone does not consent, the client must notify the cameraman immediately. Subsequent corrections (if feasible) after the end of post-production are against payment. In the event that the legal basis for the processing is personal consent, he has the option to revoke the consent at any time.


If the client has ordered aerial recording, he must obtain the appropriate permits from the facility operators. He must also have permission from all the persons who will be on the recording, see Article 8. The drone is not used in the dark, storms, strong winds, in the vicinity of electrical cables and wiring. If the drone is not used at all due to previously written things, half of the amount for aerial recording is returned, except in cases when aerial recording is offered free of charge for any reason.


Najlepši dan can accept two wedding recording reservations on one day. Najlepši dan team provides the client with a team of two cameramen, consisting of a leader and a co-cameraman. In the case of a double reservation, the client does not give a wish regarding the choice of the cameraman, as the work of Najlepši dan is uniform regardless of the composition of the team that records the wedding day. All the cameramen of Najlepši dan are trained to work and provide quality service. On the wedding day, they will proudly represent Najlepši dan team and provide quality service.


If one or both cameramen of the team, which is supposed to be present on the client’s wedding day, due to unforeseen uncontrollable events (force majeure – death, death in the family, serious illness, quarantine, quarantine, pregnancy or pregnancy complications), i.p.d.) is unable to perform the client’s service, Najlepši dan will make every effort to ensure the replacement of the absent cameraman from its team of cameramen or cameramen outside their team of their choice. If it is not possible to change the recorders and it is not possible to perform the service by Najlepši dan due to force majeure, the received deposit is returned to the client and Najlepši dan no longer has any obligations to him.


Najlepši dan undertakes to carry out his work to the throwing bouquet and garter (unless otherwise agreed) or until the first hour of the morning (01:00) on the day of the recording service. After the first hour in the morning (01:00) the presence can be extended at the request of the client. The work of the cameramen pays 50 € / hour per cameraman for each additional hour when the team of Najlepši dan is officially present at the wedding.


The cameraman is an exclusive professional cameraman commissioned by the client to capture the event. Wedding parties and clients can record / film the event as long as they do not interfere with the work of the cameraman. If the cameramen missed a certain moment due to the interference of the wedding guests (interference during work or setting in front of the lens), Najlepši dan is not responsible for that. Nor can the client accuse the cameraman of a potentially unprofessional photographer who recklessly jumps in front of the cameraman’s lens.

In the event of unforeseen events (breakdowns, cancellations, theft or destruction of recording equipment, computers, disks) that may occur during recording, editing, which would mean that the client can not receive all or part of the videos, Najlepši dan is not responsible for loss of original recorded videos, and undertakes to reimburse the client for the amount paid for the recording service.

If it happens that the client or one of the wedding guests intentionally or unintentionally damages the equipment of the recording team, the client must reimburse the cost of repair or replacement.

After distributing the videos on a USB stick, DVD or other selected medium, the subscriber is responsible for the content on the media and their storage. Najlepši dan will keep the originals for the next month after sending the videos, but is not responsible for the loss of the client or the possible destruction of the USB stick by the client.

Article 14. COMPLAINTS

The client has 1 month after the shipment arrived time to complain for any meaningful corrections. The raw material is then erased and corrections are no longer possible. Advertise that for example what was agreed. Example: It cannot be advertised why a cameraman did not record a particular dance unless it was previously agreed. It cannot be advertised why a particular person is in the video or why a particular person is not if this has not been agreed.


Najlepši dan undertakes to protect the personal data obtained in the process of booking the recording service in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act. Najlepši dan will not use the personal data of the subscribers for any purpose other than exclusively for the quality of the recording, communication with the client and the transmission of videos to the client. Without the express prior written consent of the client, Najlepši dan will not pass on personal data to third parties or use them for other purposes than those listed in this article.


The General Terms and Conditions are published on the website By booking the recording service at Najlepši dne, the Client undertakes to have read the General Terms and Conditions, is acquainted with them, agrees with them and undertakes to respect them. The most beautiful day reserves the right to change the general terms and conditions at any time.


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