About us

Andraž recorded his first wedding in 2007 for his cousin with a borrowed camera from the student dormitory, which was still recording in SD quality. Because he liked the recording, he bought a used Sony xdcam in 2011, which was already recording in full resolution. He has shot several videos, events and two weddings as part of the wedding planning team. Later, we tried to set up our own agency with our own team - "Poročni raj", but it failed due to the self-interest of individuals.

In 2013, Andraž started under the name "Najlepši dan" under his company Dante production. Around that time, he met his future wife, who had already done some filming, and they started filming together. At first she also borrowed cameras, and then we bought two new 4K cameras and we often shoot together.

We regularly buy new equipment, e.g. monopod, drone, sound recorder, so that it can give couples the best possible quality.
So we have many years of experience with couples from all over Slovenia and beyond. We saw different customs, filmed different religions.

Andraž Poje

I started recording in my student years and later landed at several TV companies. I am a photographer by education, a postman by profession - so that I can have an easy Saturday :) I am a fan of movies, series and music.

Zvonka Poje

I am a theologian by profession. I always want to read some good book. I like to photograph nature, make cards.