We offer several products: Wedding video, pre-wedding video, wedding film and trailer.

The wedding video is our main, final product of the wedding recording made chronologically – from preparations to the party. This is usually the longest recording, approximately 1.20 hours, depending on what is happening and what you want to have in its entirety. Some, for example, want to have the entire church wedding recorded, which can also take almost an hour. This is then a separate – additional video.
A pre-wedding video can be your story of how you met, it can also be an invitation to a wedding.
If you want movies, this is a wedding movie. It takes more equipment, recorders and also more time to record.
In a few minutes, you can show your friends a short summary of your wedding via video trailers, which examples are below. The musical background can be according to your wishes, but we can also suggest it.

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