The price of recording a wedding is quite important, sometimes even a decisive factor in a couple's decision for a wedding video.
We offer you an affordable but at the same time high-quality - professional solution.
We have put the most frequently selected services into packages, and an additional price list is available below them if you are looking for something specific.
However, you can always contact us and together we will choose the service that will be the best/most convenient for you.

What IS included in package prices?

  • costs of transporting cameramen in Slovenia (arrival, departure) We can also come to another country. The price is negotiable.
  • transport costs during arrival / departure up to 30km.
  • costs of sending a padded envelope via Pošta Slovenije in Slovenia;
  • recording guarantee when booking an appointment - we haven't canceled an appointment in ten years!
  • back up your recording for at least 10 years.

What IS NOT included in package prices?

  • possible self-care for food and drink; This must be taken care of in the same way as wedding guests.
  • integrated authors copyright (see right column).
  • possible payment for parking, tolls, vignettes,...
  • subsequent unsettled desires for post-production - editing a long video.
  • The cost of transportation with two cars (usually when you two are getting dressed at the same time in different areas)

What’s GOOD TO KNOW about Packages?

  • In case you take a package with two cameramen in a popular date, an advance payment (20%) may be required in case of cancellation. We will send the invoice immediately via e-mail. The rest of the payment is made before recording;
  • You will receive the final product within 1 month. This deadline may be delayed if we have a lot of work to do (you are informed in advance);
  • The film crew is on the field no later than 1 am, regardless of the start of the presence. Longer attendance is against payment, is charged after 10 minutes and is counted as 1h.
  • The number of hours of wedding video depends on the recorded material. For example, if they both have two ceremonies and are two cameramen, there can be a lot more material;
  • If you take a package with a drone, in case of inability to fly (bad weather, lack of time) half of this price is refunded, but only if it is part of the package (not added free of charge). If the inability to fly due to the proximity of airports, clusters of tourists, overcrowded area, the amount is not refunded.
  • Recording and editing are considered author's work. So as providers of these services we have some rights to use the video. We use these exclusively for our own self-promotion, such as Facebook post trailer. However, it is possible to buy our copyrights. More in the additional offer;

What are 4K packages? Read more about 4K image resolution on the web.

Packages / price list was last updated: April 2022