SHORT INSTRUCTIONS: Take 5-10 minutes for the questionnaire. It is not necessary to complete everything, the details can be worked out later. The mandatory fields that must be entered are in the first step (names, date) and in the last step (e-mail address, consent). After finishing, a thank you message appears and you also immediately receive a return email with the entered data. You can also save it and continue later with the button above.


Thank you, we will contact you shortly about receiving the form with any additional questions.

Editing of the video

The video is with you in 1 instead of 5 weeks. When you click, an additional price list opens in a new window.

Music backgrounds are mostly used during preparations, arrivals on location, painting, where there is no other live music.

A track of ~ 4 minutes is used for the trailer.

Note: Some music may be copyright registered on Youtube.

Enter at least two to six tracks in Artist-Song or YT Link style. You can also assign the position of the track, for example: preparations of the bride - track 1, arrival at the civil ceremony - track 2,...

EXAMPLES: We don't want to have a full civil wedding. Cut the rights and duties and give them more dance. We didn't like the sermon at the church wedding and we don't need it, give us more footage of the games at the reception. The focus should be on the wedding guests, not on us,...

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Reception (Party)

the beginning can be the arrival of the wedding party in the hall or the arrival of your party in the hall...

It takes approx. + 20 min in the selected length of the video package. In any case, he gets recorded and does a little bit of each game/sketch.

It takes approx. +15/20 min long video in the selected package. Otherwise, around 10 wedding parties/location are usually filmed.

e.g. soup at 8 then dance with parents, cake at midnight, games, garter and a bouquet of cakes. Additional wishes, e.g. we don't want the video light to be used when it's dark. Record the whole speech of us, moms,...

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A church wedding

At a church wedding, especially one with mass, these important things are recorded. In principle, the sound is recorded throughout the entire wedding ceremony, especially if there are singers, and it is mostly used as a soundtrack for other parts of the church ceremony. In terms of content, the entire wedding video is about 20-25 minutes of the wedding ceremony.

Please enter the address, Google Maps can help you.

With mass, the ceremony lasts 45-60 minutes (sermon, communion). But if it's just a ceremony - without mass, about 20 minutes.

Singers should always be visible when they sing. This lengthens the entire video and requires 2 videographers and possibly 3 cameras.

If it is a ceremony with mass, the whole video can be much longer. It can also be a standalone video. If the minutes of the selected package are exceeded, an additional payment is required (See Price List->Additional Price List)

For example: write if you will have your own vows, if there will be a thank you to the parents, the main photo shoot, a short reception...

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Za pomoč pri izbiri medija lahko prebereta naš članek s klikom na desno povezavo in se vam odpre novo okno.

The media is not protected against copying - dubbing.

There is usually 1 media in the package. If you want more, mark here.

Media other than the above selection.

Why is this important?
Some devices, e.g. dvd/blu-ray units for TVs, game consoles play only the so-called "commercial DVD".
Commercial DVDs have menus - buttons (Play movie, Chapters) which you select with the remote control.
If you insert a "commercial" DVD media into your computer, you will see the AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS folders or BDMV folder if it's a "commercial" blu-ray.
However, this file cannot be easily/directly played on a computer without additional programs.
If you will only play the videos on a computer/smart TV, then we burn the DVD/Blu-ray differently namely that there is one file on the puck that you simply double-click.

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Basic information

For example raw footage, copyright buyout, additional presence,...

Who will have a phone with them on the wedding day for any urgent matters, e.g. road delays, address search, unexpected events,...

Sometimes we meet with the couple before the wedding, get to know each other and discuss the details. If this comes into consideration for you, please enter your phone number. contact.

If you have a wedding planer, then skip most of the questionnaire (hours, location), as we get almost everything we need from her.

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Events at the wedding

Choose where and from when and until when the camera crew will be present

Based on the selection below, you will then be presented with several options, e.g. to enter the location and other details of the civil ceremony.

The team usually stays no later than 1am regardless of attendance and package hours.

Write the last event you want recorded before we leave. Usually a bouquet/garter throw.

Za nadaljevanje morate izbrati element


You can add any stops / planned time of arrival here.

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Civil ceremony

A civil wedding, because it is shorter, is always filmed and edited in its entirety.
When the registrar reads the rights and duties, we usually cover it with videos from the main photoshooting.

eg: event: Inside, small hall - outside, pavilion. Photo shoot with family after the event, singer,...

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Last step

If you have anything else to add, you can write, otherwise confirm the GDPR, click on the SEND button.

Super, prišla sta do konca :) Spodaj nam lahko pustita dodatno sporočilo, če je karkoli kar bi želela še sporočiti.
Če sta na vprašalniku izbrala karkoli o čemer nismo diskutirali in se tiče dodatnih stroškov pa vama javimo.

Po oddaji tega vprašalnika se samodejno pošlje vse podatke tudi vama.


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