Life streaming


Transmission can be via cable (HDMI) or wireless (WiFi, 4G). It can be played on TV or via YT / FB. The transfer can be from a camera or several cameras (director – image switching).

Aerial recording


It is recorded somewhere around 15-45 minutes of flying. Recommended for packages with two cameraman or with one in good coordination!

Prewedding video


Record your story or an invitation to your wedding. Price depends on no. hours of recording and location.

Additional video


e.g. the entire 1h church wedding separately on its medium. A package with two cameramen is recommended, or. surcharge for extra camera so that a dynamic shot can be made. If the video is shorter than 30 minutes (eg speeches, shorter ceremony) the price is 50€, the video is copied to the existing media – usually a USB stick.

Additional media

At least 1 medium is already included in the prices in the packages.

  • Engraved wooden USB stick in a box 25€
  • Specially designed DVD cover & media 20€
  • BR (bluray) medium 25GB 30€
  • M DISK Lifetime BR (bluray) medium 100GB 50€
  • Any additional copy DVD / DVD-DL medium with cover 10€
  • Any additional copy BR medium with cover 15€
(In the case of an additional copy, it is considered that the DVD cover has already been made and that we are just copying)

Additional team presence


This is the price for the expected – planned or. pre-announced presence. If you have a package with two cameramen then this is basically considered x2. For the past 20m it has already been considered as a full hour of presence. After 1 am it is considered to be an hour of the past 10m. For unexpected attendance after 1 o’clock in the morning, the team is not obliged to to stay until the end, especially if present for more than 14h.

Extra length of "long" video

50€/15minut, 100€/30minut

If there is a lot going on, there is also a lot of material that is difficult shrink to the selected wedding video length package. You are about all this, of course pre-notified, a preview of the entire video in low quality is also sent and then decide whether to shorten something or not. However, it is also up to you to tell us in advance what you would have recorded. We surely record so much that there is enough for the selected minutes of the video in the package or also what we think You would like to have, e.g. what surprises wedding guests.

Purchase of production copyright


  • The trailer is not published on our site.
  • Under no circumstances will we use your footage for our promotion.

Buying raw footage


We put absolutely everything we record on your external drive or USB that you have with you on your wedding day. The amount and size of the material depends on the no. cameramen and accessories, e.g. if you have both ceremonies and want to record in the church in its entirety if you have aerial shots. The price includes postage if the envelope is padded.

Priority video editing


We edit entire video in just 1 week. Otherwise, the delivery time is 1 month from the wedding day.

Same-day edit


In a few hours, You get a short video edited, which can then be played as a surprise on the screen at the reception. Mandatory package with two cameramen or. longer pause between events.